Lake Sevan – the pearl of the Armenian nature

Lake Sevan is the main pearl of the Armenian nature and the national pride of the people. Lake Sevan is the largest freshwater lake in the territory of the CIS countries. Wonderful Lake is surrounded by mountains, which represent an incredible scenic view. 28 rivers flow into the lake, and only one river flows out – the river Hrazdan.


Lake Sevan: views, nature, photo

Its appearance is fascinating, and the appearance of a blue spot on the horizon along the road, which grows and grows as it approaches, is a real surprise for the guests, even if they were ready for it (as it seems to them). The shore of the Lake is incredibly picturesque: you can admire it.

And if you visit Sevan on a clear summer day, you will find that the colour of the lake is bright blue, in harmony with the blue clear sky. The calm waters of Sevan really change colour like a chameleon: on clear days the lake has a clear blue colour, on cloudy days it is strictly grey, and at night the water takes on a silver colour under the light of the full moon.

Lake Sevan Weather

Sevan is the main saviour of the local population from the summer heat because the weather in Sevan is cool: the lake is so high that the temperature of the water in the hot summer days reaches only 18-20C.

The lake can save people from both heat and hunger: once Sevan was very rich in fish and satisfied the needs of the population, however, over time, the Armenian trout today is listed in the Red Book. In the CIS countries, the Sevan crayfish is also known (it is exported from Armenia in large quantities). You can also eat crayfish in Sevan: there are many restaurants and cafes all over the coast of the lake, where you will find wonderful fish soup, trout kebab, crayfish with beer and, of course, many traditional Armenian dishes made out of seafood.

The name Sevan: Geghama Sea

The lake was not always called Sevan, (which means Black Monastery: sev – black, Vank – monastery). It was called so in honour of the ancient monastery of Sevanavank, which is located on the peninsula. Previously, Sevan was called the Geghama Sea (Geghama Tsov) in honour of the Geghama Highlands surrounding the lake.

How to Get to Lake Sevan

The distance between Yerevan and Sevan is only 70 km. By car, you can reach it in 1.5 hours. Sevan track is smooth and speedy. On average, the price of a taxi per km. is approximately 100 AMD=$ 0,21, from Yerevan Airport to Sevan you can take a taxi for about 9 000 AMD=$ 18,61, and from Gyumri airport – for 16 000 AMD=$ 33,09.

Rest in Sevan

As we mentioned above, you will not have any problems with food in Sevan: everything is tasty and natural! Everything is easy with your rest too: there are many cottages, hotels, holiday homes and motels of different levels of comfort throughout the coast, and you can definitely find the most optimal variant for yourself at the best price.

Extreme tourism: Things to do in Sevan

Sevan is a fantastic place for organizing a holiday of both classic and extreme type. Classic rest will be the best for the whole family and a holiday with friends, as regards extreme holiday, there are all facilities for it, windsurfing, ride on a lake on a sailboat and so on. 

If you decide to stay in Sevan, you can try Paragliding from the mountain slopes around the lake. You will find various water activities, catamarans, motor boats, etc.

You will never be bored in Sevan!