Armenian Stonehenge Karahunj (Zorats Karer)

On the territory of Armenia, there are many prehistoric monuments, monasteries, proving the life of ancient civilizations living in this region. However, Karahunj is the most mysterious and interesting place.

Stonehenge, Armenia

The mystery of Karahunj

What this complex was built for and what was its purpose? It is still unknown: historians do not agree with each other. Some of them believe that the mystical structure served as a sanctuary, in the middle of which was a burial dolmen.

Other researchers believe that this monument is much older and served as an observatory in ancient times. According to another legend, the megalithic monument is called Goshun-Dash, which means “military stones”. Neither dwarfs nor Giants have anything to do with the construction of this complex: a brave commander with his soldiers was buried here. The warlord was buried under the dolmen, which was in the middle of the circle, and other stones were placed above his soldiers, the size of which depends on the bravery of the soldier.

Anyway, there is no definite answer at the moment, but one thing is clear: Karahunj is very similar to the British Stonehenge.

Where is Karahunj located?

Armenian Stonehenge, Karahunj is located near the city of Sisian, at an altitude of 1770 meters above the sea level, 200 km. from the city of Yerevan. Hundreds of stones 1.5 – 3 meters high form a circle occupying an area of about 7 hectares.  The most interesting part of this monument is made by one mysterious detail: on some of these basalt stones, there are holes, each of which is directed to a certain point in the sky.

 Zorats Kare, Armenia

Sisian city, Armenia

If you decide to visit this mysterious landmark of Armenia, you will be amazed. Zorats Karer is located very close to the nearest populated city Sisian. If you want to retire and enjoy nature in good weather, you can walk to the city on foot, meet local people and get a lot of positive emotions.

The area is picturesque and rich in beautiful nature, so you can boast that you managed to combine the interesting with the useful by visiting the Armenian Stonehenge and spending time alone with yourself and nature.

Sisian, Armenia