The wonderful city of Dilijan

“This is amazing. It seems that the mountains embrace the valley with lively love and tenderness. At an altitude of 1500 meters, the air is unusually clear and appears to be coloured with a dark, glowing blue. The most memorable impression of the valley is its softness…” M. Gorky.

So the famous Russian and Soviet writer, prose writer and playwright Maxim Gorky shared his impressions about the city of Dilijan. This region really has an extraordinary beauty. Many famous Armenian artists, musicians, scientists and filmmakers lived and worked in this city: creative people managed to listen to the call of their talent thanks to the tranquillity and the harmony of the local nature.

Город Дилижан
City Dilijan

Dilijan – “Armenian Switzerland”

In the 4th century, when Armenia was divided between Byzantium and Persia, these lands were a part of the Dzorarad province of Gugark region and served as a hunting ground for Armenian kings and the royal resort. Today Dilijan is known for its favourable climatic conditions and is one of the most popular resort towns in Armenia. Tourists give their preference to Dilijan especially because of its rich nature. Do not be surprised if among the locals you stumble upon such a definition of Dilijan city as “Armenian Switzerland”.

There are many options for explaining the name Dilijan. According to folk etymology, “Dili Jan” means “sweet language.”

Dilijan is a typical climatic resort in the mountainous forest zone. The main therapeutic factors are medium and high mountain climate, favourable oxygen regime, unique landscape features, the presence of healing mineral water.

Дилижан, Фото
Dilijan, Photo

Dilijan National Park

If you have health problems, if you are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, or just like to spend time with benefits, then you definitely need to visit Dilijan: fresh air, warm sun and cold water “Dilijan”, rich in carbon dioxide, are therapeutic agents for people with lung, bone and gastrointestinal disorders.

The natural value of the resort town of Dilijan is the forest, which occupies 34,000 hectares. In 1958, in order to preserve, enrich and obtain new species in local conditions, a state reserve was established, on the basis of which the Dilijan National Park was created in 2002.

The forest occupies about 94% of the territory of the national park. There you will find about 40 species of valuable trees and 18 species of shrubs.

Дилижанский заповедник

Dilijan National Park

UWC Dilijan

Many knew about the city of Dilijan, but this wonderful city with a population of 20,000 became more famous all over the world with the opening of the UWC Dilijan international school. It is one of 17 United World Colleges (UWC) schools open worldwide. Currently, the school has 198 students from 72 countries. There is no feeling that you are obliged to study: students do their homework with pleasure.

UWC Дилижан
UWC Dilijan

Dilijan sightseeing

Every year, the infrastructure in the city is developing at an increasingly active pace, and today there are many cottages, hotels and hostels in Dilijan for every taste, colour and budget. Information about Dilijan and its surroundings has become more accessible to tourists and guests, as the tourist information centre was recently opened in the city. The centre was opened on August 17, 2018. on the street Maxim Gorky 15/2.

In addition to the centre, the paths in Dilijan National Park have also reconstructed: 4 paths for walking and 1 cycle path. The map of the tracks is located in front of the entrance to the centre so that tourists can correctly navigate.

Велосипеды в Дилижане
Bicycles in Dilijan

Lake in Dilijan: Clear Lake – “Parz Lich”, Lake Ghosh

The bicycle path, which begins at the National Park, leads to a natural attraction on the territory of Dilijan – to Clear Lake (Parz Lich).

Not far from the Clear Lake, 3 km. from the village of Gosh, Lake Gosh is located: it is another natural wonder of Armenia.

Озеро Гош

Ghosh Lake

Monasteries in Dilijan: Haghartsin, Jukhtak, Matosavank

At 16 km. To the north of Dilijan city, you will find Haghartsin Monastery, surrounded by forests, mountains and canyons of Haghartsin River. The monastery complex consists of three churches: St. Astvatsatsin, St. Grigor and St. Stepanos. The buildings were created in the 5th century.

Агарцин, Армения
Haghartsin, Armenia

3 km to the north-west of Dilijan city there is a monastery Jukhtak (Jukhtakavank). Monastery stands on the mountainside, in a beautiful meadow, surrounded with dense forests on all sides.

Джухтак Ванк, Армения

Not far from the Jukhtak monastery there is another shrine – Matosavank monastery. It is quite difficult to find it because it is located among the high grass on the mountainside. The church, its porch and book depository are called Matosavank.