Travel to Nagorno Karabakh Armenian black garden



Travel to Nagorno Karabakh: Armenian black garden

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Mountain gorges, ancient monasteries and villages, modern cities and amazing people: all about the unrecognized republic Artsakh, better known as Nagorno Karabakh.

Tours to Nagorno Karabakh are offered to people who dream of drinking water from a spring, sitting in the shade of a hundred-year-old tree and gazing at the hills stretching to the horizon.

Armadventure day trip to Nagorno Karabakh will give an opportunity to touch the warm stones of an ancient monastery at sunset, spend an evening at the table laid in the fresh air. Time to travel to Nagorno Karabakh when the meadows in the mountains are covered with flowers and the locals prepare flat breads “zhingyalov hats” with fresh greens. Note that you can travel to Nagorno Karabakh only from Armenia.

Travel to Nagorno Karabakh: lost and found country

The capital of Artsakh is Stepanakert. The road from Yerevan is not fast, about 6 hours. The symbol of Artsakh is the Tatik and Papik monument (We and our mountains) on the top of a hill at the entrance to the city. People also call Grandfather and Grandmother. The monument is present on the emblem of the city and country and on the coins of Armenia and Artsakh.

Armadventure offers tours to Nagorno Karabakh to explore the mountain valleys of Karvachar, to climb even higher along the Tartar River to the abandoned mineral water resort Istisu and swim in the thermal spring. You’d definitely visit valley of the Zuar River, to the “wild” hot springs.

Travel to- Nagorno-Karabakh lost-and -found country

What places of interest can you see if you make a trip to Nagorno Karabakh?

Another interesting place that Armadventure recommend to visit is gorge Dzhrdduz, which is located near Shushi city.

Near the gorge, there are great views of Stepanakert and the valley. There is a local geological museum in Shushi: more than 385 exhibits in collection of museum. All the exhibits are rocks and minerals from 48 countries, including Artsakh.

Museum of the Karabakh carpet is another interesting cultural place of interest. Most of the historic buildings of Shushi are in a state of neglect, but the cobbled streets, mansions with verandas and arches, lush gardens create a romantic setting. One of symbols and main attraction of Shushi is the Cathedral of Saint Christ the Savior.

This church is known for the Big Wedding that took place on October 16, 2008, in Artsakh: out of 687 couples, 550 got married here, and the rest got married in the Gandzasar Monastery. The pearl of Artsakh is Gandzasar Monastery.

According to the legend, the head of John the Baptist severed by Herod is buried in the tomb of the temple. Near the monastery is an observation deck overlooking the mountains. Very cool to meet the sunset in such a place. The sunsets here are awesome!

Tours to- Nagorno Karabakh -picturesque places of- black garden

Tours to Artsakh: marvelous destinations for making a trip

Another interesting place that Armadventure advise to visit is the village of Vank. This village was built by millionaire Levon Hayrapetyan. Having built an alley of lovers in the capital of Artsakh and the Gandzasar monastery, he rebuilt his native village. In appearance, the village is radically different from all the cities and villages of Artsakh.

Sotk pass is a place of power, which will make the strongest impression on tourists: one of the most beautiful places in Artsakh.

Gorge of the Karkar river is a very capturing place. The narrow canyon, squeezed by steep rocks, hides a lot of interesting things: ruins of an old village, waterfalls, springs, caves and a medieval bridge.

Tours to Artsakh marvelous destinations for making a trip

Tours to Nagorno Karabakh: picturesque places of black garden.

Armadventure offers to climb the Kirs mountain: one of the main peaks of the Karabakh ridge, which stretches from north to south throughout the republic. From the top of the mountain, from a height of 2724 meters above sea level opens up a beautiful view.

Hadrut district was once a historical area of Dizak. Trip to Nagorno Karabakh will be incomplete without climbing to Mount Dizapayt (2480 m), with which many legends and traditions are associated. At its summit stands the medieval basilica: the monastery Katarovank, stunning views of half of Karabakh and neighboring Iran open up from here.

Armadventure travel company offers to travel to Nagorno Karabakh, especially the village of Tokh: historic center of Dizak, where is located the winery of Avetisyan family. On the way back to Stepanakert, there you can see one of the oldest trees on the planet: plane tree 2000 years old.

Nagorno-Karabakh is an amazing place, though not recognized by the world. This is not only a mixture of unique monuments of architecture and natural beauty. Artsakh has delicious and original cuisine, ancient history and legends. Armadventure recommends choosing tours to Artsakh if you are traveling in Armenia and not only.

Armadventure suggests interesting tours from Yerevan to Nagorno Karabakh or a day trip to Nagorno Karabakh.


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