Top 7 Adventure Extreme Tours in Armenia for Thrill Lovers

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Love to soar above the ground, jump from a bridge, swim along mountain rivers, walk along the very edge and do a mountain biking- no question! Armenia continues to replenish its list of extreme adventure travel, each time surprising with a new, even more interesting attraction. So let’s see what adventure tours in Armenia you can choose. We have made a selection of the most interesting and popular destinations for adrenaline lovers.

Extreme tours in Armenia

There are quite a few extreme tourism options in Armenia. The landscapes of Armenia are favourable for paragliding. In Armenia, there are also 3 ski resorts in Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk, and Sevan, where you can ski and snowboard. Trails meet all the requirements and all equipment can be rented. We also offer a large selection for rock climbing enthusiasts. One of the most popular climbing spots is Mount Aragats, as well as the Noravank and Garni gorges. There are also a lot of places for trekking and hiking in Armenia. A fairly popular place is hidden in the forests of Tavush – Lastiver.

Extreme tours have been actively developing in Armenia lately, which both local adrenaline lovers and foreigners are very satisfied. Some of the extreme entertainment has already become quite ordinary, while others are completely new and are just gaining popularity.

Hot air ballooning

Armenia is a mountainous country and rich in picturesque landscapes, and viewing them from a bird’s eye view is an incomparable pleasure. An hour and a half spent in a bright and colorful balloon will be an unforgettable experience.

Tour participants can choose which region to fly to. Some are more attracted to mountains and gorges, others – Lake Sevan or dense forests. By the way, the tour can be either group or individual.


Zip-line in Armenia

The first zip-line in Armenia was opened in Tavush region. Immediately after the discovery, it became one of the longest in the world. Its length is 2680 meters. The flight lasts three minutes, during which you can develop a maximum speed of 120 km / h. 

Now you can enjoy the zip-line also in Yerevan. With a length of 870 meters, it connects the two edges of the Hrazdan Gorge. The speed is about a hundred kilometers per hour.


Rafting on the River Debed 

If ballooning and zip-line are already considered quite familiar adventure types in Armenia, then rafting is something completely new.

Mountain river rafting is one of the most dangerous hobbies of extreme sportsmen, however, it doesn’t lose its popularity. Rafting in Armenia is organized on the Debed River in the Lori region.


Extreme “railway”

The Yell Extreme Park in Yenokavan launched a tour called Via Ferrata (translated from Italian as “iron road”).

This road is a rocky section, specially equipped with metal structures that help to overcome it with greater speed and lower energy costs than climbing in its usual sense.

The site is equipped with a safety rope or chain running along with this site with steel anchors fixed to the rock. Footrests are either natural (rock) or steel staples and pins. Special preparation for the Yenokavan Via Ferrata is not necessary.


Paragliding in Armenia

What could be better than hovering above the ground, enjoying the beauty of the Armenian mountains and rocks? Paragliding flights are conducted with an instructor, so special skills and experience are not necessary.

By the way, international paragliding competitions are also held in Armenia, which will bring a lot of pleasure for participants. Imagine how at the same time about fifty paragliders rise into the sky. And the most experienced even manage to play musical instruments during the flight.


Rope jumping

Rope jumping literally translates as “jumping with a rope”. Its meaning is that jumper after the phase of free flight is “picked up” by a rope. After free fall ends, it transforms into a smooth pendulum.

In Armenia, people jump mainly from the Ashtarak bridge and the towers of an abandoned glass factory in Byureghavan. The maximum jump height in Armenia is 40 meters.


The longest cable car in the world

Tatev’s Wings is one of the longest reversible cable cars in the world. It lies over the gorge of the Vorotan River from the village of Halidzor to the Tatev Monastery in the Syunik Region. Its length is 5752 meters and a height of 320 meters.

The airway to the monastery takes about 12 minutes, while it takes about 40 minutes to travel along the steep serpentine of the Vorotan Gorge.

Each of the cabins accommodates 30 passengers and one conductor. Support pillars divide the road into four sections. 


In this ancient country, you will find a huge number of extreme entertainments. With over three hundred sunny days a year and legendary local hospitality, Armenia will welcome you in its warm embrace and lead you to unforgettable adventures. Take a tour to Armenia! Armenia is a tempting tourist destination.

Already tempted to visit Armenia? Contact us and we will organize an unforgettable trip to Armenia for you. 


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