Top 10 places to visit in Armenia this winter

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Armenia is a leading tourist destination and is breathtaking throughout all of its seasons. Although a tourist might prefer to visit during the hot summer days, winter in Armenia offers a totally different and unique experience. And with the cold weather being just around the corner, here are the topmost destinations you need to go to make this year’s winter memorable.

1. Tsaghgadzor Resort

If you are a snow lover, then Tsaghgadzor is a must place to go. Situated just 43Km away from the capital Yerevan, Tsaghgadzor offers a wide variety of activities for children and adults. Whether you plan on spending your day outdoors skiing or snowboarding, or prefer staying in a cozy, warm inn amid the snow, then Tsaghgadzor must be added to your list.


2. Dilijan

“The little Switzerland of Armenia” is the second top destinations to be on your list this winter. This magical northern town is rich with unique medieval Armenian architecture as well as with its traditional heritage that is accessible during the snowy winter as well. And while you’re there, don’t forget to pass by Dilijan National Park for a mesmerizing, fairy tale like experience under the mystical sky, the snow-capped Alps and simply the beauty of the nature.


3. Jermuk Resort

Now let’s head to the south to witness a true gem in Vayots Dzor province. Who wouldn’t want to relax and reduce stress in one of Armenia’s natural spas? From healing mineral water to hot springs, Jermuk will take good care of you! Let’s not forget that the second largest waterfall of this country – known as “Mermaid’s Hair” – is found in Jermuk. There is a legendary story behind the name of the waterfall, so you have to go to learn more about that picturesque wonder.

winter in Jermuk

4. Yenokavan

Another must-visit destination in the south of Armenia is the breathtaking village of Yenokavan where you can find the longest zip-line of the country. Yenokavan is the winter destination for many tourists from around the world, for it has magnificent scenery from lakes to snowy Alps. The village offers diverse activities suitable for everyone and the first adventure park of Armenia is located there as well, so be prepared for a wild, full of adrenaline rush, unforgettable experience.

5. Lake Sevan

Armenia’s most famous lake is a top tourist destination during all the seasons. In summer it is the place to go to sunbathe and enjoy the sun. And during the cold days, it is the place you go to take a refreshing swim in its water. In winter time the lake is covered with ice and the mountain chain is draped with snow. You can find a wide variety of hotels next to lake where you and your family will definitely spend a wonderful time.

winter in lake Sevan

6. The Winter Park

If you are wondering how to spend your Christmas vacation, add the Winter Park to your list without any hesitation. Get prepared to encounter your childhood fantasy about visiting the North Pole and meeting Santa alongside his mythical beings as you stroll into the Winter Park. The park is situated in the Kanaker-Zeytun region of Yerevan and offers a fairytale like experience to both children and adults! Just grab a hot coco from one of the cafes then have a blast in the open ice rink and slides for the entertainment.

7. Hankavan

Only one hour away from the capital Yerevan you can find yet another attractive scenery. Located in Kotayk region, Hankavan hosts different hotels where you can enjoy a warm stay and discover the village. It is most famous for its mineral springs that can cure many diseases. This ancient village will renew your connection with Mother Nature.

8. Mount Arteni

Mount Arteni is a National Natural Monument. Located in the city of Taline, Arteni is a volcanic mountain. Its great slopes are of great interest for winter hikers, and its peak presents to you a panoramic view of the Armenian Highland. Hiking lovers from different places target this mountain specifically.

9. Mount Aragats

Aragats is the highest mountain in the Armenia. On the snowy days, people usually ascent the mountain with an overnight stay. It is considered an extreme outdoor activity so if you feel like testing your skills, give this climb a try! The view from the top will definitely keep you going! The crystal clear water encircled with snow on one hand and the majestic white mountains on the other will surely leave a great memory.

Mount Aragats

10. The Republic Square

Situated in the heart of Yerevan, The Republic Square should be the start and end point of your stay in Armenia. You’ll find it balanced between modern and ancient architectural monuments which each tells its own interesting story. Although in winter the place will be less crowded, still it will remain one of the busiest and alive cities of Armenia.

The Republic Square

The whole country is a must visit destination and Armenia is much more than a winter wonderland. Let’s not forget about the winter themed traditional Armenian Cuisines with their delicious wine varieties that is a must try when you’re here. Book your ticket now and have a guaranteed blast!

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