How do they celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in Armenia?

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Armenians love celebrating St. Valentine’s day but they also have their own holiday of love – St. Sargis’ day! St. Sarkis Day is a national alternative to a foreign (Catholic) St. Valentine.

In recent years, active work has been carried out in Armenia to popularize the Day of St. Sargis and the church succeeded. St. Sargis’ day is as popular in Armenia as St. Valentine’s day.

The Day of the Holy Commander Sargis in Armenia is usually celebrated not only by church rituals. On this day, all the people participate in different events, and in the evening the youth have fun.

In recent years, St. Sargis’ Day has become one of the most beloved holidays of Armenia. The young people gather on this day, receive blessings, and if they are lucky, they will see their future husband or wife on the night before the holiday.

Traditions of St. Sargis’ Day in Armenia

Let’s learn more about the traditions of St. Sargis’ Day in Armenia.



There is a beautiful tradition – to cook halva, khashil (porridge from wheat), pohindz (sweetness from roasted wheat flour), aghandz (a mixture of roasted cereals).

Cooked meals on a tray or plate should be left on the roof or windowsill of the house. If in the morning you see a mark of St. Sargis’ horseshoe on it, then the year is going to be lucky: the person will find his/her soul mate, get married.

Salty cookies or Aghi Blit

On the night before the feast of St. Sargis, young people eat salty flatbread (“Aghi Blit” in Armenian). But after that, you must not eat or drink anything. According to the belief, a person (bride or groom) can appear in a dream, who will become the future companion of your life.

If your present lover brings water to you in a dream, then this is a sign from above. You will surely be together.


Blessing of the young couples

After the Holy Liturgy in the churches, the ritual of blessing the young couples is held. There are also other folk customs as well.

The Holy Commander Sargis is considered to be the fast defenders of all the young, he creates wonders, both for lovers and for lonely hearts. On this day, the young pray and ask the saint to bring their prayers to the Lord. It is believed that the saint listens to the request of young men and women and they find their soul mates.

Fun and Gifts

In recent years, various Armenian companies have been organizing interesting events for young people in order to celebrate the Armenian national holiday on a large scale. On this day, lovers give each other postcards, flowers and sweets as on St. Valentine’s Day.

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