Individual / Private Tours in Armenia

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«Guest sent from God» – every Armenian thinks like that and Arm Adventure team also. Armenia is a country that attracts more and more tourists every year. On people’s decision to choose Armenia affects not only by many famous places but also that in 2019 Armenia named one of the cheapest countries in Europe and that Armenia is very safe for visitors.


Arm Adventure company organizing both group and individual tours. If for any reason you don’t want to be a part of the group our company can organize an individual tour with paying attention to all your preferences, tastes, financial resources.

What does an individual tour in Armenia include?

You have the opportunity

• Create your own route with your taste.
• Choose the category of the car.
• Choose the category of the hotel or rented a place (flat or private house).
• Choose the type and place of food.
• Is there a need for guide or translator in or from a specific language?
• Is there a need for nanny or housekeeper?
• Mention, which cultural program you prefer to visit (museums, theatres. galleries).
• Mention, which historical monuments you prefer to visit (museums, churches, monasteries or khachkars)
• Mention, which types of active rest do you like (extreme, hiking, horseback riding, mountaineering, climbing, ecotourism, hunting, fishing).


• Mention, do you interested in traditions of Armenian national cousin.
• Mention, do you want to participate in pilgrimage tour.
• Mention, do you want to participate in Armenian wedding.
• Mention, Is there a need for wellness procedures or treatment.
• Mention, do you want to spend day/s in alpine lake Sevan. How you imagine the perfect time at the lake beach.
• Mention, to your plan to go and spend day/s in the village and have a rest in nature.

Arm Adventure organizes private tours of any complexity. Thanksgiving reviews of our tourists testify to this.

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