Feel The Power Of Rocks – Hiking tours in Wine Country

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Vayots Dzor is a perfect place for keen hikers which will take you far from reality. It is mainly amountainous region.

Days spent through the most beautiful corners of the province will discover you all the power of the rocks, the test of the wine also cleanliness of air which will be the brightest memories of your Armenian tour.

Vayots Dzor region is considered the most picturesque and popular place for hiking in Armenia. This is a place where you will find the most important historical sights.



One of the most beautiful and popular hiking track in the Vayots Dzor region starts from the 13th century Noravank Monaster one of Armenia’s most iconic monuments, sits high above the Gnishik River Canyon.



The next stop is Spitakavor Monastery, is a 14thcentury Armenian monastic complex. The landscape here is truly dreamlike. So hiking up if you have time is a good alternative.



The starting point of another route through Vayots Dzor region begins from the ARENI-1 CAVE. Winery is a 6100-year-old winery that was discovered in 2007. It is also location where the world’s oldest shoe was found. For hiking, Vayots Dzor is just perfect.

Every step will uncover a new miracle, including monasteries, caves, old villages, and unique nature.


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