Hiking and Trekking Tours in Armenia: Top 5 Most Beautiful Mountains

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Hiking trails in Armenia are the best way to create unforgettable adventures.

In the word, this place is great with its different awesome hiking tours and trekking routes. Armenian mountains are very attractive places for exploring new hiking trails.  This country is a reach with large forests, rocky mountains and winding roads.

In this article, we will suggest the best hiking and trekking summits in Armenia. You will discover the wonderful sights of nature and why not Armenian hospitality.

Trekking Mount Aragats

Month Aragats is the highest peak in Armenia, so you can watch the country from its highest peak. It is a group of four peaks located in Aragatsotn and Shirak province. The four peaks are named Northern (4090m), Western (3995m), Eastern (3908m), Southern (3887m).

 The most suitable period for hiking Aragats is summer, when mountain trails are dry and safe. It takes about two days to climb all peaks. The flora and fauna of Aragats are very rich. Within the hiking, you can see semi-desert and even snow-covered areas. In winter, when slopes are covered with snow, professional climbers are recommended to climb.

Walking tour to Lastiver

This hiking trail about 140km from Yerevan and located in Tavush region. People used to call it Lastiver, which means “up the dam.” The road will pass by the Khaschaghbyur river and waterfalls, where you have an opportunity to swim. Lastiver looks pretty in every season of the year. There you can see small houses constructed on trees and small caves.

Hiking Mount Azhdahak

Azhdahak (3597 m) is the highest summit of the Geghama Mountains and the third highest in Armenia. The origin of the name comes from Iranian and Armenian mythology. Azhdahak is evil dragon, whose name is Azhidahaka. Azhi means dragon, snake, who fights against the god of thunder Freydun.

The legend of Mount Ara

Ara Mountain (2577 m) is located in Aragatsotn province. The mountain is more suitable for hiking in winter.  The area is also suitable for paragliding and rock climbing. On the mountain, you can meet wolves, foxes, sparrows, grey crow, field lark and others.

The mountain has a rich nature. While climbing you will meet various colourful flowers and will feel the specific smell of them.

The origin of the name is connected with an Armenian king Ara the Beautiful. Assyrian queen Semiramis was deeply in love with the Armenian king Ara. She wanted to connect Assyria and Armenia and rule together. However, Ara already had a wife, his beloved Nuard. Semiramis’ heart was broken and she declared war between two countries.

The king was killed during the battle, which took place on the slopes of the mountain. According to legend, the body of the king is still lying there in an unknown tomb. This is why the mountain is called Ara. If you look to the mountain from city side, you can notice that the mountain has the shape of a lying man.

Climbing Mets Kirs

Mount Mets Kirs is one of the most beautiful and highest mountain in Artsakh. The 2724-meter high mountain is a paradise for both nature lovers and hikers. Ascent to the summit of Mount Mets Kirs is not so difficult, and view of the sunset from there is just incredible.

Armenia is a country with a unique adventure and hiking places. We suggest you many tours with different landscapes and sights. There is no limit of mountains, choose the best places to hike when you want to spent adventure time.



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