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Gastronomic tours Armenia: exquisite Armenia

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The recipes of the Armenian national cuisine are very diverse in composition – everyone can find a dish according to their preferences and taste.

However, traditional dishes of Armenian cuisine are known not only for the variety of exquisite tastes and aromas but also for their exceptional balance for a healthy diet – only fresh, high-quality ingredients are used in their preparation.

You’ll never forget your trip to the spiritual center of Armenians – the cathedral in Echmiadzin, which is the main church in Armenia. Church of St. Hripsime is another marvel of Echmiadzin.

We’ll have lunch in Etchmiadzin, where we must taste yummy Kufta. Kufta – meatballs made of minced meat with spices. Also, we’ll participate in a master class in the manufacture of gata – made from dough with a dulcet filling.

Yerevan Brandy Factory

Our next stop is Yerevan Brandy Factory: factory tour and tasting of fabulous cognacs: Armenian cognac famous for its high quality and endurance. By the way, Winston Churchill’s favorite drink!

araratWe’ll visit Sevanavank Monastery, note that pathway leading to the monastery consists of 220 ladders. Palatable lunch on the lake is waiting for us! The menu includes kebab from crayfish and Sevan ishkhan.

Areni village

Another marvel of Armenia is Areni village – one of the winemaking centers in Armenia. It was not far from the hamlet that the oldest winery in the world was revealed. The excursion to the Areni winery, factory tour, and local wine tasting will enchant you. You’ll learn a lot of explicit things about excellent Armenian wines.

During gastronomic tours in Armenia, you’ll see production process of wines, as well as sample them and acquire the most liked varieties. Here we’ll partake in master classes on making dolma. The famous Armenian dolma has two variations – minced meat wrapped in grape leaves and a second, summer option, minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves, as well as in tomatoes, eggplant, and pepper.


Garni Fortress

A trip to the Garni Fortress – a pagan temple of the Sun God, built by King Trdat in 77 awaits us. In the hamlet of Garni, we’ll enjoy the ritual for baking lavash. Hereafter you’ll degust Armenian durum: Armenian sandwich with home-made cheese and green wrapped in lavash. In Yerevan, we’ll partake in preparation of home-made barbecue.


Mount Aragats

Next, we’ll move to Lake Kari, which is located on the slopes of Mount Aragats. Near the Mount Aragats, we’ll make a stop and try the illustrious khash. Khash is a very fat broth made from calf legs which are boiled for several hours before the tendon is separated from the bone, and the water becomes a thick and rich broth. In ancient times, khash was considered a dish of the poor. Khash is not only a dish, but it’s also a ritual with toasts and noisy gatherings. In cold weather, khash is one of the most far-famed Armenian culinary masterpieces. Armenians usually eat khash in the morning with lavash, garlic, and vodka. This dish is served seasoned with salt and garlic.

Thanks to attentively thought-out routes and a surprisingly balanced program of gastronomic and culinary tours to Armenia, the trip promises to be eventful, but by no means tedious. Besides admiring the beauties of the environing landscapes, exploring the ruins of an antique pagan temple and exploring the territories of ancient Christian monasteries throughout the country, our tourists will also get introduced to the national cuisine characteristic of these places.

Armenia has a rich cultural heritage, and this heritage is reflected not only in historical sights but also in rich cuisine. Our gastro tours in Armenia will give you the opportunity to know Armenia from a new perspective. During the food tours in Armenia, you can familiarize with the creation of dishes, their meaning, partake in a master class of making dishes, and of course, sample the dishes made with your own hands. Do not miss to learn Armenia from a new perspective.

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