Gastronomic festivals in Armenia

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The more ancient the country, the tastier the cuisine! You can prove this theory: by partaking in a specially organized gastronomic tour in Armenia. Each region has its own peculiar secrets, recipes for preparing traditional dishes and variety of seasonings.

Fortunately, ecological situation allows enjoying truly natural products and aromatic seasonings. A variety of tastes and types of dishes: meat, vegetables, fish are splendidly conjoined with alcoholic beverages, which are also traditional: cognac, wine. Also, you can sample vodka made from the most diverse and unexpected fruits and berries. In case the meal is hard, Armenian mineral waters will come to the rescue with their health benefits.

Gastro tours in Armenia: tasty Armenia for gourmets

However, gastronomic tour is not just about food and drinks. You’ll visit the most marvelous and exceptional places, get acquainted with sights and traditions of country. You’ll be able to take part in festivals and become part of a large Armenian holiday. Immersed in an atmosphere of hospitality and warmth, you are sure to take with you not only the taste of a sunny country but also great memories. Our team offers you the best gastronomic tour in Armenia, taking into account all the offers and wishes of guests.

Armenia is one of the main directions of gastronomic tourism. Armenian cuisine, being one of the oldest in the world, is original and unusual. Each region and each village has its own unique, signature dishes.

Traveling, learning new places, seeing the sights of the country, all this is perfect, but it’s even better to combine the beautiful with good memories, with delicious flavors of the country, trying and learning the secrets of traditional dishes of the Armenian people.
Let’s see what Armenian gastronomic festivals are held in Armenia.


Watermelon Festival

The watermelon festival takes place on the territory of Swan Lake and gives Yerevan special flamboyant hues and high spirits. Carving specialists will present interesting watermelon design options. The festival is accompanied by a concert program with the participation of famous performers.


Khorovats Festival (Barbecue)

Khorovats festival is one of the most beloved festivals in Armenia. Every year it gathers open-air cooks, restaurants and lovers of barbecue in Akhtala. During the festival, a competition among participants will be held according to several criteria.


Mulberry Festival

The venue of the festival is Artsakh –Amaras Monastery. A master class will be held introducing the traditional way of collecting tut (mulberry), preparing homemade vodka, as well as syrup, which has healing properties. At the festival, various ensembles will perform folk songs and dances.


“Gifts of Syunik” Festival

The festival “Gifts of Syunik” will be held in Goris, Syunik region. Different communities of the region will present their products, national dishes, and their handicrafts.

syunik_festivalOur tours are designed to familiarize guests with the features of the Armenian national cuisine, culinary traditions and customs of the Armenian people. You’ll learn the delicious secrets of a hospitable country and taste such national Armenian dishes as dolma, tzhvzhik, khash, khashlama, kyufta and also participate in a master class for baking Armenian bread – lavash. Get to know this amazing country and its rich national cuisine with us, enjoy the taste of Armenian food and feel like a true gourmet.

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