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Gastronomic festivals in Armenia

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The more ancient the country, the tastier the cuisine! You can prove this theory: by partaking in a specially organized gastronomic tour in Armenia. Each region has its own peculiar secrets, recipes for preparing traditional dishes and variety of seasonings.

Fortunately, ecological situation allows enjoying truly natural products and aromatic seasonings. A variety of tastes and types of dishes: meat, vegetables, fish are splendidly conjoined with alcoholic beverages, which are also traditional: cognac, wine. Also, you can sample vodka made from the most diverse and unexpected fruits and berries. In case the meal is hard, Armenian mineral waters will come to the rescue with their health benefits.

Gastro tours in Armenia: tasty Armenia for gourmets

However, gastronomic tour is not just about food and drinks. You’ll visit the most marvelous and exceptional places, get acquainted with sights and traditions of country. You’ll be able to take part in festivals and become part of a large Armenian holiday. Immersed in an atmosphere of hospitality and warmth, you are sure to take with you not only the taste of a sunny country but also great memories. Our team offers you the best gastronomic tour in Armenia, taking into account all the offers and wishes of guests.

Armenia is one of the main directions of gastronomic tourism. Armenian cuisine, being one of the oldest in the world, is original and unusual. Each region and each village has its own unique, signature dishes.

Traveling, learning new places, seeing the sights of the country, all this is perfect, but it’s even better to combine the beautiful with good memories, with delicious flavors of the country, trying and learning the secrets of traditional dishes of the Armenian people.
Let’s see what Armenian gastronomic festivals are held in Armenia.


Watermelon Festival

The watermelon festival takes place on the territory of Swan Lake and gives Yerevan special flamboyant hues and high spirits. Carving specialists will present interesting watermelon design options. The festival is accompanied by a concert program with the participation of famous performers.


Khorovats Festival (Barbecue)

Khorovats festival is one of the most beloved festivals in Armenia. Every year it gathers open-air cooks, restaurants and lovers of barbecue in Akhtala. During the festival, a competition among participants will be held according to several criteria.


Mulberry Festival

The venue of the festival is Artsakh –Amaras Monastery. A master class will be held introducing the traditional way of collecting tut (mulberry), preparing homemade vodka, as well as syrup, which has healing properties. At the festival, various ensembles will perform folk songs and dances.


“Gifts of Syunik” Festival

The festival “Gifts of Syunik” will be held in Goris, Syunik region. Different communities of the region will present their products, national dishes, and their handicrafts.

syunik_festivalOur tours are designed to familiarize guests with the features of the Armenian national cuisine, culinary traditions and customs of the Armenian people. You’ll learn the delicious secrets of a hospitable country and taste such national Armenian dishes as dolma, tzhvzhik, khash, khashlama, kyufta and also participate in a master class for baking Armenian bread – lavash. Get to know this amazing country and its rich national cuisine with us, enjoy the taste of Armenian food and feel like a true gourmet.

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Gastronomic tours Armenia: exquisite Armenia

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The recipes of the Armenian national cuisine are very diverse in composition – everyone can find a dish according to their preferences and taste.

However, traditional dishes of Armenian cuisine are known not only for the variety of exquisite tastes and aromas but also for their exceptional balance for a healthy diet – only fresh, high-quality ingredients are used in their preparation.

You’ll never forget your trip to the spiritual center of Armenians – the cathedral in Echmiadzin, which is the main church in Armenia. Church of St. Hripsime is another marvel of Echmiadzin.

We’ll have lunch in Etchmiadzin, where we must taste yummy Kufta. Kufta – meatballs made of minced meat with spices. Also, we’ll participate in a master class in the manufacture of gata – made from dough with a dulcet filling.

Yerevan Brandy Factory

Our next stop is Yerevan Brandy Factory: factory tour and tasting of fabulous cognacs: Armenian cognac famous for its high quality and endurance. By the way, Winston Churchill’s favorite drink!

araratWe’ll visit Sevanavank Monastery, note that pathway leading to the monastery consists of 220 ladders. Palatable lunch on the lake is waiting for us! The menu includes kebab from crayfish and Sevan ishkhan.

Areni village

Another marvel of Armenia is Areni village – one of the winemaking centers in Armenia. It was not far from the hamlet that the oldest winery in the world was revealed. The excursion to the Areni winery, factory tour, and local wine tasting will enchant you. You’ll learn a lot of explicit things about excellent Armenian wines.

During gastronomic tours in Armenia, you’ll see production process of wines, as well as sample them and acquire the most liked varieties. Here we’ll partake in master classes on making dolma. The famous Armenian dolma has two variations – minced meat wrapped in grape leaves and a second, summer option, minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves, as well as in tomatoes, eggplant, and pepper.


Garni Fortress

A trip to the Garni Fortress – a pagan temple of the Sun God, built by King Trdat in 77 awaits us. In the hamlet of Garni, we’ll enjoy the ritual for baking lavash. Hereafter you’ll degust Armenian durum: Armenian sandwich with home-made cheese and green wrapped in lavash. In Yerevan, we’ll partake in preparation of home-made barbecue.


Mount Aragats

Next, we’ll move to Lake Kari, which is located on the slopes of Mount Aragats. Near the Mount Aragats, we’ll make a stop and try the illustrious khash. Khash is a very fat broth made from calf legs which are boiled for several hours before the tendon is separated from the bone, and the water becomes a thick and rich broth. In ancient times, khash was considered a dish of the poor. Khash is not only a dish, but it’s also a ritual with toasts and noisy gatherings. In cold weather, khash is one of the most far-famed Armenian culinary masterpieces. Armenians usually eat khash in the morning with lavash, garlic, and vodka. This dish is served seasoned with salt and garlic.

Thanks to attentively thought-out routes and a surprisingly balanced program of gastronomic and culinary tours to Armenia, the trip promises to be eventful, but by no means tedious. Besides admiring the beauties of the environing landscapes, exploring the ruins of an antique pagan temple and exploring the territories of ancient Christian monasteries throughout the country, our tourists will also get introduced to the national cuisine characteristic of these places.

Armenia has a rich cultural heritage, and this heritage is reflected not only in historical sights but also in rich cuisine. Our gastro tours in Armenia will give you the opportunity to know Armenia from a new perspective. During the food tours in Armenia, you can familiarize with the creation of dishes, their meaning, partake in a master class of making dishes, and of course, sample the dishes made with your own hands. Do not miss to learn Armenia from a new perspective.

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Tours to Armenia: Most Popular Destinations and Sightseeing places

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Between the ridges of the Lesser Caucasus lies a small country with an impressive history – Armenia. Trips to Armenia will make you feel the charming Armenian flavor immediately after getting off the plane ladder. Guided tours to Armenia will introduce you to ancient Christian shrines, relict nature reserves and truly ancient Armenian cities.

Tours to Armenia: unique experiences in an ancient Christian country

Armenia is also famous for its cuisine: it has become famous all over the world as one of the most ancient cuisines: the country’s culinary traditions date back more than one thousand years. The sights of Armenia can impress even the most demanding tourists: Khor Virap monastery, which is 1700 years old, the healing waterfall Jermuk, rock architecture and the ancient cities of Urartu, as well as numerous Christian shrines.


Echmiadzin Monastery

We’ll make a trip to the fifth capital of Armenia, to the main altar city of the Armenian Church – Vagharshapat or Echmiadzin – the spiritual center of Armenia greets guests with a pearl of Armenian architecture – Church of St. Hripsime (618), also we’ll make a visit to the tomb of St. Hripsime.

We’ll drive up to the main church of all Armenians and the first cathedral in the world – Echmiadzin, which means “the only begotten”. The Lord himself indicated the place of construction of the future church in the vision of the first Catholicos (Patriarch) of Armenia, St. Gregory Lusavorich.

The Echmiadzin Museum stores unique relics of all Christian significance – the fragment from Noah’s Ark to the fragment of the crown of thorns of the Lord, as well as the relics of many Apostles and saints. The museum is located in the eastern part of the Cathedral, beyond the altar. You’ll definitely like an excursion to the church of St. Gayane (630) – pantheon and tomb of St. Gayane.


Zvartnots Temple

A visit to the majestic ruins of the three-tier church of St. Gregory will astonish you: this temple is called Zvartnots which was built in the 7th century by Catholicos Nerses the Builder. Zvartnots was a bold and unique creation for its time. Graceful bas-reliefs adorned the walls of the temple: fragments of patterns are still preserved.

On the territory of Zvartnots temple, you’ll see a whole town of household and religious buildings, such as cells of monks, a bathhouse, a library, the palace of the patriarch, a winery, a well. As well as pre-Christian monuments, like the Urartian stele with the inscription of the 7th century BC.


Garni fortress

We’ll make a trip to Garni fortress – a pagan temple dedicated to the sun god Mitre. Garni is the only Hellenistic temple that has survived to this day in the whole of Transcaucasia. The temple stands on the edge of a picturesque gorge. There is a summer residence of Armenian kings with palace and outbuildings and a unique bathhouse of the 3rd century.


Geghard Monastery

The famous Geghard rock monastery of the 5-14th century is located 8 km from Garni. Geghard monastery consists of a large elevated temple, 2 tombs carved into the rock, 2 rock churches, and the elevated church of Surb Katoghike. There are dozens of caves in the vicinity of the monastery, in which ascetics and hermits lived in antiquity. For five hundred years, the “Spear of Destiny” was kept in Geghard, with which Jesus Christ was pierced by the Roman guard. The spear was brought to Armenia in the 1st century through the efforts of the Apostle Thaddeus. Nowadays, the Holy Lance is kept in the Museum of the Cathedral in Etchmiadzin.

Khor Virap Monastery

We’ll make a tour to one of the most revered shrines of the Armenia- the monastery of Khor Virap, where for many years the first patriarch of Armenia, St. Gregory Lusavorich was imprisoned. We’ll make a descent into the 8-meter dungeon. The monastery is located near the Turkish border: from here is the best view of Mount Ararat. The monastery stands on the site of the ancient and perhaps one of the most famous capitals of Armenia – the city of Artashat founded in the 2nd century BC, by the Armenian king Artashes. Only the foundations of the fortress, citadel, royal palace, pagan temple have survived, but most of Artashat has not yet been excavated.


Oshakan village

A trip to the tomb of St. Mesrop Mashtots who is a creator of the Armenian Alphabet in the village of Oshakan will excite you. There you will see a unique avenue of Armenian letters, each letter of the alphabet is made of tuff, richly decorated with carvings and bas-reliefs. The tomb itself dates back to the 5th century, and the church was built above the tomb in the 17th century. It’s one of the few churches in Armenia where there are a lot of frescoes.

In Oshakan, it will also be possible to observe numerous nests of storks located on the roofs of houses and on poles of electric networks.


Amberd Fortress

Tour to the medieval fortress Amberd (7th-13th century) on the southern slope of Mount Aragats, at an altitude of 2300 meters will amaze you. Don’t miss a visit to the church of Surb Astvatsatsin or Vagramavank ( 1026) near the Amberd fortress.

In Hovhanavank monastery (5th-13th century) is stored the relics of John the Baptist. Also, we’ll visit the monastery of psalms Saghmosavank (13th century). Both monasteries are located on the edge of the high canyon of the Kasakh River, 7 km from each other. The canyon of the Kasakh River is worth special attention, this is one of the natural wonders of Armenia.

Lake Kari

We’ll rise to the mountain lake Kari near the station of astrophysicists at a height of 3200 meters, under the western peak. On the shore of the lake, there is a small restaurant serving the famous khash all year round. When traveling to the lake, you should stock up on warm clothes, since even in summer it’s cold there.


Lake Sevan

You’ll never forget a trip to the high mountain Lake Sevan (1890 meters). Visit Sevan monastery on the peninsula, from where unforgettable panoramas open onto the water surface of the lake and the mountain ranges surrounding Sevan.


Noravank Monastery

Don’t miss a phenomenal hiking tour to Noravank gorge. We offer walking along this gorge, looking into the caves on the way, the culmination of the hike will be one of the most significant spiritual centers of Armenia – Noravank Monastery, striking with its colors and architecture. The monastery complex is harmoniously inscribed in the surrounding nature – this is a place of pilgrimage. The monastery buildings date from the 9th to the 14th century.


Tatev Monastery

Since 2010, the Tatev Monastery, located on the edge of the Vorotan River Gorge, has been led by the longest reverse cableway in the world, 5.8 km over a precipice of 350 meters. Tatev monastery was one of the largest spiritual and cultural centers in medieval Armenia. And today you can appreciate the whole scale and beauty of Tatev. Powerful fortress walls, dozens of household, educational, administrative and defensive structures adorn the monastery. Panoramas from the monastery is one of the most picturesque in all of Armenia.


Khndzoresk village

History buffs will certainly not be disappointed with a visit to Khndzoresk – one of the largest villages in Eastern Armenia. Located on the steep slope of the canyon, Khndzoresk is a complex of artificial and natural caves that were inhabited until the 1950s! Yes, it is amazing how people carved out their settlements and lived in them for centuries. In addition to the caves, Khndzoresk is home to the Khndzoresk fortress, the Church of St. Tadevos, the Church of St. Hripsime and the church school “Anapat”.

Lori Province

We’ll drive further to the north of Armenia. The road runs through the alpine meadows of the four-headed extinct volcano Aragats. Our tourists will admire the views of the province of Lori. The Debed River Gorge is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. We’ll make a visit to the 6th-century church in the picturesque village of Odzun.

You won’t ever forget our visit to the monastery complex of Sanahin and Haghpat, both monasteries of the 10th century are surrounded by forests, at a dominant height. The monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, taken under the care of UNESCO, are among the monuments of the world cultural heritage.

So, if you are one of these curious minds who are happy with discoveries of secrets and unsolved puzzles, let’s begin our journey through the most mysterious sights of Armenia.

Already intrigued and want to immerse yourself in revealing the secrets stored in Armenia? Contact Armadventure travel and our professional guides will accompany you during your trip to Armenia!

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Top 7 Adventure Extreme Tours in Armenia for Thrill Lovers

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Love to soar above the ground, jump from a bridge, swim along mountain rivers, walk along the very edge and do a mountain biking- no question! Armenia continues to replenish its list of extreme adventure travel, each time surprising with a new, even more interesting attraction. So let’s see what adventure tours in Armenia you can choose. We have made a selection of the most interesting and popular destinations for adrenaline lovers.

Extreme tours in Armenia

There are quite a few extreme tourism options in Armenia. The landscapes of Armenia are favourable for paragliding. In Armenia, there are also 3 ski resorts in Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk, and Sevan, where you can ski and snowboard. Trails meet all the requirements and all equipment can be rented. We also offer a large selection for rock climbing enthusiasts. One of the most popular climbing spots is Mount Aragats, as well as the Noravank and Garni gorges. There are also a lot of places for trekking and hiking in Armenia. A fairly popular place is hidden in the forests of Tavush – Lastiver.

Extreme tours have been actively developing in Armenia lately, which both local adrenaline lovers and foreigners are very satisfied. Some of the extreme entertainment has already become quite ordinary, while others are completely new and are just gaining popularity.

Hot air ballooning

Armenia is a mountainous country and rich in picturesque landscapes, and viewing them from a bird’s eye view is an incomparable pleasure. An hour and a half spent in a bright and colorful balloon will be an unforgettable experience.

Tour participants can choose which region to fly to. Some are more attracted to mountains and gorges, others – Lake Sevan or dense forests. By the way, the tour can be either group or individual.


Zip-line in Armenia

The first zip-line in Armenia was opened in Tavush region. Immediately after the discovery, it became one of the longest in the world. Its length is 2680 meters. The flight lasts three minutes, during which you can develop a maximum speed of 120 km / h. 

Now you can enjoy the zip-line also in Yerevan. With a length of 870 meters, it connects the two edges of the Hrazdan Gorge. The speed is about a hundred kilometers per hour.


Rafting on the River Debed 

If ballooning and zip-line are already considered quite familiar adventure types in Armenia, then rafting is something completely new.

Mountain river rafting is one of the most dangerous hobbies of extreme sportsmen, however, it doesn’t lose its popularity. Rafting in Armenia is organized on the Debed River in the Lori region.


Extreme “railway”

The Yell Extreme Park in Yenokavan launched a tour called Via Ferrata (translated from Italian as “iron road”).

This road is a rocky section, specially equipped with metal structures that help to overcome it with greater speed and lower energy costs than climbing in its usual sense.

The site is equipped with a safety rope or chain running along with this site with steel anchors fixed to the rock. Footrests are either natural (rock) or steel staples and pins. Special preparation for the Yenokavan Via Ferrata is not necessary.


Paragliding in Armenia

What could be better than hovering above the ground, enjoying the beauty of the Armenian mountains and rocks? Paragliding flights are conducted with an instructor, so special skills and experience are not necessary.

By the way, international paragliding competitions are also held in Armenia, which will bring a lot of pleasure for participants. Imagine how at the same time about fifty paragliders rise into the sky. And the most experienced even manage to play musical instruments during the flight.


Rope jumping

Rope jumping literally translates as “jumping with a rope”. Its meaning is that jumper after the phase of free flight is “picked up” by a rope. After free fall ends, it transforms into a smooth pendulum.

In Armenia, people jump mainly from the Ashtarak bridge and the towers of an abandoned glass factory in Byureghavan. The maximum jump height in Armenia is 40 meters.


The longest cable car in the world

Tatev’s Wings is one of the longest reversible cable cars in the world. It lies over the gorge of the Vorotan River from the village of Halidzor to the Tatev Monastery in the Syunik Region. Its length is 5752 meters and a height of 320 meters.

The airway to the monastery takes about 12 minutes, while it takes about 40 minutes to travel along the steep serpentine of the Vorotan Gorge.

Each of the cabins accommodates 30 passengers and one conductor. Support pillars divide the road into four sections. 


In this ancient country, you will find a huge number of extreme entertainments. With over three hundred sunny days a year and legendary local hospitality, Armenia will welcome you in its warm embrace and lead you to unforgettable adventures. Take a tour to Armenia! Armenia is a tempting tourist destination.

Already tempted to visit Armenia? Contact us and we will organize an unforgettable trip to Armenia for you. 


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Yerevan city guide – self guided walking tour in Yerevan

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Yerevan is a city of fashionable people, beautiful girls, and pink houses.

It’s a city of hills, pomegranate wine, and the great Mount Ararat. Yerevan is the center of culture and the most stylish city in the Caucasus. Let’s find out what free things to do in Yerevan. Here is the self guided walking tour in Yerevan.

Republic Square

Republic Square is the heart and symbol of Yerevan. It is the main square of the city in the form of a trapezoid. There are singing fountains, Government House, Mariott Hotel, and Communication House.


If you go to the southeast of Republic Square, you’ll get to the flea market. Vernissage is an interesting place, you can allocate to it for some time. Here you can find unique Armenian goods.

St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Gregory the Illuminator is the largest church in Armenia. It was built in 2001 in honor of the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity by Armenia.

st. gregory the illuminator cathedral

Freedom Square

What free things to do in Yerevan? In Freedom Square, you can marvel with the Opera House and Swan Lake. This is an entertainment center in Yerevan with summer cafes, restaurants. Young people are resting, families with children are sitting on benches or walking along the lake.

Grand Cascade

In our self guided walking tour in Yerevan, we suggest visiting Cascade. At the entrance to the Cascade stands a sculpture by architect Tamanyan, who designed the Yerevan Grand Cascade. Cascade is another symbol of the city. It’s unique in its kind staircase with fountains, under the stairs is the center of the arts. If you walk to the top, you can see Ararat and the hills from the observation deck.

Yerevan is built at an altitude of 900 to 1300 meters above sea level, the height difference in the city is 400 meters, but when you walk in the center, you do not feel this, but from the observation rooms, you can notice that the capital of Armenia is in the mountains.
And if you climb higher at sunset, it will become clear why Yerevan is called the “Pink City”. All the houses in the center were built of white, yellow and pink tuff. In the daytime, the city is quite beige, and in places gray-brownish, but in the evening it acquires that same pink hue.


Matenadaran is the repository of ancient manuscripts in Yerevan. It makes sense to take a tour of the museum to learn more about the culture and history of Armenia.


Charles Aznavour Square

Charles Aznavour Square is a cozy square on Abovyan Street in the center of Yerevan together with the Moscow Cinema. Near several cafes, the fountain “Signs of the Zodiac”, “Avenue of Stars” and a chessboard.

charles-aznavour- square


Tsitsernakaberd is a memorial complex dedicated to the victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. There’s also a genocide museum, a nice park on the hill, an observation deck overlooking Mount Ararat. It is a sad place, but you should definitely visit it if you are interested in the history of Armenia.
Hrazdan gorge with Haghtanak Bridge (Victory Bridge) and river Hrazdan is a very pleasant place in Yerevan.


Erebuni fortress

The museum and fortress of Erebuni are located on the outskirts of Yerevan. Only the ruins of the walls remained from the ancient fortress, but Yerevan is perfectly visible from the hill. Be sure to visit the museum of the fortress.

Here is the Yerevan city guide – the best sightseeing places in Yerevan. Make your choice!

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Hiking and Trekking Tours in Armenia: Top 5 Most Beautiful Mountains

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Hiking trails in Armenia are the best way to create unforgettable adventures.

In the word, this place is great with its different awesome hiking tours and trekking routes. Armenian mountains are very attractive places for exploring new hiking trails.  This country is a reach with large forests, rocky mountains and winding roads.

In this article, we will suggest the best hiking and trekking summits in Armenia. You will discover the wonderful sights of nature and why not Armenian hospitality.

Trekking Mount Aragats

Month Aragats is the highest peak in Armenia, so you can watch the country from its highest peak. It is a group of four peaks located in Aragatsotn and Shirak province. The four peaks are named Northern (4090m), Western (3995m), Eastern (3908m), Southern (3887m).

 The most suitable period for hiking Aragats is summer, when mountain trails are dry and safe. It takes about two days to climb all peaks. The flora and fauna of Aragats are very rich. Within the hiking, you can see semi-desert and even snow-covered areas. In winter, when slopes are covered with snow, professional climbers are recommended to climb.

Walking tour to Lastiver

This hiking trail about 140km from Yerevan and located in Tavush region. People used to call it Lastiver, which means “up the dam.” The road will pass by the Khaschaghbyur river and waterfalls, where you have an opportunity to swim. Lastiver looks pretty in every season of the year. There you can see small houses constructed on trees and small caves.

Hiking Mount Azhdahak

Azhdahak (3597 m) is the highest summit of the Geghama Mountains and the third highest in Armenia. The origin of the name comes from Iranian and Armenian mythology. Azhdahak is evil dragon, whose name is Azhidahaka. Azhi means dragon, snake, who fights against the god of thunder Freydun.

The legend of Mount Ara

Ara Mountain (2577 m) is located in Aragatsotn province. The mountain is more suitable for hiking in winter.  The area is also suitable for paragliding and rock climbing. On the mountain, you can meet wolves, foxes, sparrows, grey crow, field lark and others.

The mountain has a rich nature. While climbing you will meet various colourful flowers and will feel the specific smell of them.

The origin of the name is connected with an Armenian king Ara the Beautiful. Assyrian queen Semiramis was deeply in love with the Armenian king Ara. She wanted to connect Assyria and Armenia and rule together. However, Ara already had a wife, his beloved Nuard. Semiramis’ heart was broken and she declared war between two countries.

The king was killed during the battle, which took place on the slopes of the mountain. According to legend, the body of the king is still lying there in an unknown tomb. This is why the mountain is called Ara. If you look to the mountain from city side, you can notice that the mountain has the shape of a lying man.

Climbing Mets Kirs

Mount Mets Kirs is one of the most beautiful and highest mountain in Artsakh. The 2724-meter high mountain is a paradise for both nature lovers and hikers. Ascent to the summit of Mount Mets Kirs is not so difficult, and view of the sunset from there is just incredible.

Armenia is a country with a unique adventure and hiking places. We suggest you many tours with different landscapes and sights. There is no limit of mountains, choose the best places to hike when you want to spent adventure time.



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Explore Ancient Landscapes and Cities During Private Armenian Tour

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Individual tours

The individual tour offers one or group of tourist’s different type of tourist services. Also can provide additional services with the basic, for example, high-quality photography, packing tips, car or translator. This type of tour is based on customer’s wishes and demand. Experience shows that individual tours are more suitable for those people who go for work and have less free time for the rest. Thus, individual tour maximally fit the customer.

Individual tours are divided into two groups simple and complex. The simple tour offers visa application, reservation of ticket, booking the room in the hotel and transfer. Complex tour implies a full package of services based on customer’s requirement.

Individual tours have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with advantages:

  • The client chooses everything based on his/her interest and wish.
  • Gives an opportunity to travel alone, the rest time after work.
  • If you travel alone, the information during the trip will be more.
  • The tour guide will help keep your safety and will do all that you planned for your trip.

Individual tours have their disadvantages:

  • It is more expensive than similar events for the group.
  • It is more difficult for those who do not speak foreign languages.

So, the individual tour is a perfect choice for them who don’t like be always among the crowd. It allows people to make their rest maximally interesting and comfortable.

Take a local tour guide in Armenia and discover the wonders of this land with your individual guide.

Armadvanture offers private tours with a wide range of services: transportation, hotel rooms, car for rent, tour packages and many wonderful places.

Armadventure suggests interesting tours, for more information connect with us. 

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5 Hidden Attraction Around The Armenia

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Due to rich breathtaking nature, rich cultural landscapes, lush forests people often call Armenia Land of rocks. We invite the five most hidden places in Armenia that are must visit.

First resting place N1: Yerevan 2800 Park

This park with attractive fountains is one of the most sights to see in the Yerevan. In the park, 2800 fountains were situated to the anniversary of the city. 250 devoted to the exclusive trees were planted of 70 unique species and the ground was decorated with the shape of traditional Armenian carpet.

Yerevan 2800 Park


 N2: Khndzoresk Bridge

If you like emotional feels then this bridge may be one of your favourite places in Armenia. The interesting thing about the stricture is that it was constructed by hand and for the transportation peoples were used horses, it means no machinery was used. So, try your luck and cross over the bridge from end to end.Khndzoresk Bridge


N3: The symphony of stones

The rocks are called “Symphony of Stones” or “Basalt organ” which are results of lava flows. The composition is famous for the natural rocks, which are like hexagonal cylinders. The Gigantic stone column is 50 meters above the ground. It is hard to believe that the human does not create it.

The symphony of stones

N4: Azhdahak Mount

Azhdahak is the most beautiful mount and the third highest peak in Armenia, the highest of the mount 3597 meters. From the top of the volcano, you can see amazing four Mount Ararat, Hatis, Ara and Aragats. In every step of the hiking, you inspired by their beauty and power.

Azhdahak Mount

N5: Parz Lake

In Armenia are a lot of magic but “hidden” places and it is the most popular natural park. Lake is famous for its rich forests, landscapes, rare variety. This is a place who love enjoys silence surrounded by the thick forest.

Parz Lake

With its various landscape, this is a great opportunity to have a memorable and unique holiday. 


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Feel The Power Of Rocks – Hiking tours in Wine Country

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Vayots Dzor is a perfect place for keen hikers which will take you far from reality. It is mainly amountainous region.

Days spent through the most beautiful corners of the province will discover you all the power of the rocks, the test of the wine also cleanliness of air which will be the brightest memories of your Armenian tour.

Vayots Dzor region is considered the most picturesque and popular place for hiking in Armenia. This is a place where you will find the most important historical sights.



One of the most beautiful and popular hiking track in the Vayots Dzor region starts from the 13th century Noravank Monaster one of Armenia’s most iconic monuments, sits high above the Gnishik River Canyon.



The next stop is Spitakavor Monastery, is a 14thcentury Armenian monastic complex. The landscape here is truly dreamlike. So hiking up if you have time is a good alternative.



The starting point of another route through Vayots Dzor region begins from the ARENI-1 CAVE. Winery is a 6100-year-old winery that was discovered in 2007. It is also location where the world’s oldest shoe was found. For hiking, Vayots Dzor is just perfect.

Every step will uncover a new miracle, including monasteries, caves, old villages, and unique nature.


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Travel to Nagorno Karabakh Armenian black garden

Travel to Nagorno Karabakh: Armenian black garden

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Mountain gorges, ancient monasteries and villages, modern cities and amazing people: all about the unrecognized republic Artsakh, better known as Nagorno Karabakh.

Tours to Nagorno Karabakh are offered to people who dream of drinking water from a spring, sitting in the shade of a hundred-year-old tree and gazing at the hills stretching to the horizon.

Armadventure day trip to Nagorno Karabakh will give an opportunity to touch the warm stones of an ancient monastery at sunset, spend an evening at the table laid in the fresh air. Time to travel to Nagorno Karabakh when the meadows in the mountains are covered with flowers and the locals prepare flat breads “zhingyalov hats” with fresh greens. Note that you can travel to Nagorno Karabakh only from Armenia.

Travel to Nagorno Karabakh: lost and found country

The capital of Artsakh is Stepanakert. The road from Yerevan is not fast, about 6 hours. The symbol of Artsakh is the Tatik and Papik monument (We and our mountains) on the top of a hill at the entrance to the city. People also call Grandfather and Grandmother. The monument is present on the emblem of the city and country and on the coins of Armenia and Artsakh.

Armadventure offers tours to Nagorno Karabakh to explore the mountain valleys of Karvachar, to climb even higher along the Tartar River to the abandoned mineral water resort Istisu and swim in the thermal spring. You’d definitely visit valley of the Zuar River, to the “wild” hot springs.

Travel to- Nagorno-Karabakh lost-and -found country

What places of interest can you see if you make a trip to Nagorno Karabakh?

Another interesting place that Armadventure recommend to visit is gorge Dzhrdduz, which is located near Shushi city.

Near the gorge, there are great views of Stepanakert and the valley. There is a local geological museum in Shushi: more than 385 exhibits in collection of museum. All the exhibits are rocks and minerals from 48 countries, including Artsakh.

Museum of the Karabakh carpet is another interesting cultural place of interest. Most of the historic buildings of Shushi are in a state of neglect, but the cobbled streets, mansions with verandas and arches, lush gardens create a romantic setting. One of symbols and main attraction of Shushi is the Cathedral of Saint Christ the Savior.

This church is known for the Big Wedding that took place on October 16, 2008, in Artsakh: out of 687 couples, 550 got married here, and the rest got married in the Gandzasar Monastery. The pearl of Artsakh is Gandzasar Monastery.

According to the legend, the head of John the Baptist severed by Herod is buried in the tomb of the temple. Near the monastery is an observation deck overlooking the mountains. Very cool to meet the sunset in such a place. The sunsets here are awesome!

Tours to- Nagorno Karabakh -picturesque places of- black garden

Tours to Artsakh: marvelous destinations for making a trip

Another interesting place that Armadventure advise to visit is the village of Vank. This village was built by millionaire Levon Hayrapetyan. Having built an alley of lovers in the capital of Artsakh and the Gandzasar monastery, he rebuilt his native village. In appearance, the village is radically different from all the cities and villages of Artsakh.

Sotk pass is a place of power, which will make the strongest impression on tourists: one of the most beautiful places in Artsakh.

Gorge of the Karkar river is a very capturing place. The narrow canyon, squeezed by steep rocks, hides a lot of interesting things: ruins of an old village, waterfalls, springs, caves and a medieval bridge.

Tours to Artsakh marvelous destinations for making a trip

Tours to Nagorno Karabakh: picturesque places of black garden.

Armadventure offers to climb the Kirs mountain: one of the main peaks of the Karabakh ridge, which stretches from north to south throughout the republic. From the top of the mountain, from a height of 2724 meters above sea level opens up a beautiful view.

Hadrut district was once a historical area of Dizak. Trip to Nagorno Karabakh will be incomplete without climbing to Mount Dizapayt (2480 m), with which many legends and traditions are associated. At its summit stands the medieval basilica: the monastery Katarovank, stunning views of half of Karabakh and neighboring Iran open up from here.

Armadventure travel company offers to travel to Nagorno Karabakh, especially the village of Tokh: historic center of Dizak, where is located the winery of Avetisyan family. On the way back to Stepanakert, there you can see one of the oldest trees on the planet: plane tree 2000 years old.

Nagorno-Karabakh is an amazing place, though not recognized by the world. This is not only a mixture of unique monuments of architecture and natural beauty. Artsakh has delicious and original cuisine, ancient history and legends. Armadventure recommends choosing tours to Artsakh if you are traveling in Armenia and not only.

Armadventure suggests interesting tours from Yerevan to Nagorno Karabakh or a day trip to Nagorno Karabakh.