5 Hidden Attraction Around The Armenia

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Due to rich breathtaking nature, rich cultural landscapes, lush forests people often call Armenia Land of rocks. We invite the five most hidden places in Armenia that are must visit.

First resting place N1: Yerevan 2800 Park

This park with attractive fountains is one of the most sights to see in the Yerevan. In the park, 2800 fountains were situated to the anniversary of the city. 250 devoted to the exclusive trees were planted of 70 unique species and the ground was decorated with the shape of traditional Armenian carpet.

Yerevan 2800 Park


 N2: Khndzoresk Bridge

If you like emotional feels then this bridge may be one of your favourite places in Armenia. The interesting thing about the stricture is that it was constructed by hand and for the transportation peoples were used horses, it means no machinery was used. So, try your luck and cross over the bridge from end to end.Khndzoresk Bridge


N3: The symphony of stones

The rocks are called “Symphony of Stones” or “Basalt organ” which are results of lava flows. The composition is famous for the natural rocks, which are like hexagonal cylinders. The Gigantic stone column is 50 meters above the ground. It is hard to believe that the human does not create it.

The symphony of stones

N4: Azhdahak Mount

Azhdahak is the most beautiful mount and the third highest peak in Armenia, the highest of the mount 3597 meters. From the top of the volcano, you can see amazing four Mount Ararat, Hatis, Ara and Aragats. In every step of the hiking, you inspired by their beauty and power.

Azhdahak Mount

N5: Parz Lake

In Armenia are a lot of magic but “hidden” places and it is the most popular natural park. Lake is famous for its rich forests, landscapes, rare variety. This is a place who love enjoys silence surrounded by the thick forest.

Parz Lake

With its various landscape, this is a great opportunity to have a memorable and unique holiday. 


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