Armenian holidays 2019 [Infographic]

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Armenian Holidays and memorial days are the inseparable part of Armenian culture and history.

In order to know more about Armenian people, the way of their living and thinking one should visit Armenian holidays and feel the fantastic atmosphere of Armenian love.

Here are some Armenian holidays and memorial days which are important for Armenians!

1. Christmas

Date: January 6

Christmas in Armenia is a church holiday and it has no connection with Santa Claus. The Christian world celebrates Christmas on 25th of December, but Armenians continue celebrating Christmas on January 6.

2. Trndez

Date: February 13

The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates one of the most beloved national holidays – Trndez or Tjarnyndaraj (The Meeting of the Lord). It was on this day that parents brought the baby Jesus Christ to the Jerusalem temple.

3. St. Sargis’ Day

Date: February 16

St. Sarkis Day – the patron saint of lovers in Armenia is celebrated at the end of January – the first half of February. St. Sargis is Armenian St. Valentine.

4. Book gifting day

Date: February 19

This holiday is not yet a public holiday but it is one of the most favourite holidays in Armenia! On this day people gift each other books!

5. Big Lent day

Date: March 4

Big lent day is a day when people start fastening. The history of the holiday goes back to the times when Jesus Christ spent 40 days fastening before his baptism.

6. Women’s day

Date: March 8

Armenians love their women and they are eagerly celebrating their day.

7. Humour Day

Date: April 1

April Fool’s day in Armenia is celebrated as Humour day, as today people play tricks on each other and laugh.

8. Mothers’ day

Date: April 7

One holiday for women seems to be not enough so Armenians also celebrate mother’s day.

9. Easter

Date: April 21

Easter is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide. So Armenians – the first Christian nation, celebrate it with greater enthusiasm and love.

10. Armenian genocide memorial day

Date: April 24

On this day Armenians honour the victims of the Armenian genocide in 1915 by the Turkish government.



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11. Victory day

Date: May 9

In 1945, the defeat of fascist Germany saved Armenians from Turkish occupation. We won World War II.

12. Shushi Liberation Day

Date: May 9

47 years after that, on May 9, Armenian army won another victory, liberating the ancient capital of Karabakh, Shushi.

13. Nagorno Karabakh Republic Defense Army day

Date: May 9

Karabakh’s present-time defence army was born on this very day – May 9.

14. The Day of the First Republic of Armenia

Date: May 28

On May 28, in 1918 Armenian National Council declared about the independence of the Republic of Armenia.

15. Children’s protection day

Date: June 1

Armenians adore children and June 1 is another chance for them to worship their children and mention their roles in the life of each.

16. Constitution Day

Date: July 5

The Constitution of Armenia was adopted at a referendum on July 5, 1995.

17. Vardavar

Date: July 28

Vardavar is a holiday of splashing water. Armenian splash water on each other and no one is offended.

18. Knowledge Day

Date: September 1

Armenian schoolchildren go to school on September 1 and this day is generally considered to be knowledge day!

19. Artsakh Republic Independence Day

Date: September 2

The Republic of Artsakh is a de facto independent country and September 2 is its independence day!

20. Independence Day

Date: September 21

Armenian Independence day is September 21, when in 1991 it became independent of Soviet Union.

21. New Year

Date: December 31

New Year in Armenia is one of the most important holidays and Armenians have unique ways of celebrating this holiday.

Welcome to Armenia and let’s discover Armenian holidays and memorial days together with ArmAdventure.

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