Top Armenian Festivals and Events in 2019 [Infographic]

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In 2019 more than 30 festivals are going to take place in Armenia.

The festivals, such as musical, gastronomical, wine will not leave indifferent any of the guests of the country!

They are held in Yerevan and other large cities, as well as in small villages among picturesque mountain landscapes.

Armenian festivals 2019 in winter

1. Kagand Folk Festival

December 28-29

Pambak, Byurakan

2. Snowman festival

February 16-17

Location: Jermuk, Vayots Dzor

Armenian Festivals 2019-winter

Armenian festivals 2019 in spring

3. Barekendan festival

March 2-3

Pambak, Byurakan

4. Tsaghkazard festival

April 13-14

Pambak, Byurakan

5. Yerevan Jazz days

April 30

Cascade Complex, Yerevan

6. Yerevan Wine days

May 3-4

Saryan street, Yerevan

7. Dolma Festival

May 19

Hnaberd, Ararat


Armenian festivals 2019 in summer

8. Sheep Shearing Festival

June 8

Khot, Syunik Province

9. Bread in the mountains

June 15

Location updating

10. Folk for peace

June 21-23

Pambak, Yerevan, Byurakan

11. Haybuys festival

June 29

Yenoqavan, Tavush

12. Argentine Tango festival

June (updating)

Yerevan, Armenia


13. Mulberry Festival

July 6

Karahunj, Syunik

14. Golden Apricot Yerevan International film festival 2019

July 7-14


15. Ecotourism festival

July 13-14

Artavan, Vayots Dzor

16. Watermelon Festival

July (updating)

Location updating

17. Huso Aragast festival

July (updating)

Sevan, Dilijan

18. Yell extreme festival

July 27-28

Yenoqavan, Tavush

19. Raspberry Festival

July 27

Ashotavan, Syunik


20. Taraz Festival

July 27

Location updating

21. Vardavar (Water Fest)

July 28


22. Yerevan beer fest

August 3

Yerevan (updating)

23. Sevan music festival

August 10-11


24. Honey and berry festival

August 10-11

Berd, Tavush

25. Khorovats festival

August 18

Akhtala, Lori


Armenian festivals 2019 in autumn

26․ Arts and Crafts festival

September 7

Dilijan, Tavush

27. Harissa Festival

September 15

Musaler, Armavir

28. International Balloon Festival 2019

September (updating)


29. On the Crossroads of peace festival

September 20-22

Byurakan, Yerevan, Pambak

30. Gata festival

September 20-22

Khachik, Vayots Dzor


31. Tea and Coffee Festival

September 27-28

Swan Lake, Yerevan

32. Yerevan Colour Run

September (updating)

Hamalir Complex, Yerevan

33. Great oven festival

September 28


34. 1000 Years Village Life Festival

September 29

Pshatavan, Armavir

35. Areni Wine Festival

October 5

Areni, Vayots Dzor

36. WCIT (World Congress on Information Technology) 2019

October 6-9

Yerevan, Armenia


37. Erebuni-Yerevan

October (updating)


38. Targmanchats Festival

October 11-12

Pambak, Byurakan

39. ReAnimania Yerevan International Animation film and comics art festival 2019

October 28-November 03

“Moscow” Cinema, Yerevan

40. Navasard Harvest Festival

November 1-2

Pambak, Byurakan

41. The Holy Lance feast

November 30

Echmiadzin, Armavir Province


Visit Armenia with ArmAdventure and let’s discover the beauty of Armenian festivals together.

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